Hi Steve, I have a Carcinoid tumor on my liver which I am informed is extremely rare and I have total Renal failure and have Dialysis 3 times per week. I had consultations with Steve to improve my sleeping patterns. The results were very positive and I am now back into a normal routine of sleeping. In addition to sleeping well I have found the audio tapes you provided extremely beneficial and relaxing during dialysis sessions.


–AG, Preston, UK

When a friend of mine described her experience with hypnotherapy, I got excited to try it so I can claim “I have been there and done that TOO”! I went to my first session with Steve only to prove that this one (hypnotherapy) is not working either!  First, I was surprised with the level of his professionalism and openness which helped to lower my guard a bit. As the session proceeded (during hypnosis), I experienced a challenge between my brain which wanted me to believe “it’s not working” and how I was actually feeling “HAPPY”.  I went home that day confused about why am I feeling so relaxed?!


With each session afterwards, my guard started to vanish! There was a feeling of lightness and subtle joy after each session, something like “life is beautiful after all….. ” kind of a feeling. After a few sessions, I got to a point that: “This is awesome, I want all my friends to experience this”! In short, Steve has helped me to experience something (somewhere!) new that I never had access to. I have become so eager to go to these sessions now that I am counting days! Is it Tuesday yet?


Thanks Steve for the awesome experience!


–JM, Calabasas

I am extremely grateful to Steve for helping my family.  Steve cares about the people he is treating and is extremely professional.  He makes you comfortable from the beginning which helps you open up so he can tune in to what is wrong and implement effective solutions.  When I went to my first Hypnotherapy session I had been seeing a psychologist and it was not helping.  I was in a bad place, very angry with everything and everyone and yelling at my children for no reason.  After the first session I started feeling calmer.  Now I feel like a new person, I am much calmer and can enjoy my husband, children, job and friends.  Knowing he was successful with me I took my 9 year old daughter to him.  She had a lot of very significant anxiety issues which caused her to have eating issues among other problems.  Steve has been absolutely amazing with her to the point where my daughter told me she does not need Steve anymore because she feels cured, and the results of her recovery fully supports this assessment.  For example, she naturally is a very thin girl, and had lost almost 10% of her body weight before seeing Steve, but, now she is back up to a healthy weight for her body type.  Steve has given my daughter coping mechanisms, so if she starts thinking in a certain way she knows how to change her thinking.  I can’t thank him enough for giving our daughter back to us and for his continued support in helping myself along with other members of my family.


–KW, Thousand Oaks

Hi Steve, I just wanted to write and thank you. I had chronic depression, and really did not see any purpose in life. Now I get up in the morning with a sense of purpose, and even some joy. You say that all healing resources are within ourselves, but there is no doubt in my mind that you are the reason I feel so much better about life. Thank you very much.


–AJ, Woodland Hills