What is Sexuality?

Are You a Physical, or an Emotional, or a Somnambulist?

Ever wondered why you have so much difficulty in ensuring a successful relationship with your significant other?

The differences between men and women are well documented. But there is another aspect which is extremely important in understanding your relationship; Dr. John Kappas was an amazing hypnotherapist who treated thousands of clients. In observing all these clients, with their many issues, he realized that a person is either an ‘Emotional’ or a ‘Physical’. These terms are misleading because a Physical is more accurately a ‘feeler’ (and primarily right-brained) and an Emotional is more accurately an ‘intellectual’ (and primarily left-brained). A Somnambulist is somebody who is governed equally by left and right brain.

Emotionals tend to be introvert, and Physicals tend to be extrovert,

All sorts of exceptions and rules tend to cloud the clarity of defining exactly what you are. For instance, you might be a Physical who has been rejected to the point that you assume Emotional traits, in order to protect yourself. Or you might be an Emotional who works in a high-self occupation (e.g. actor) where you have assumed Physical traits.

Suggestibility is how we learn. We learn our suggestibility from our primary caregiver (typically our mother) between the ages of 0 and 8.

Sexuality is our outward behavior. We typically learn this from our secondary caretaker (typically our father) between the ages of 9 and 14.

For the traits of Physicals (Feelers) and Emotionals (Thinkers), see Find Your Ideal Partner on this website.


The following is paraphrased from Dr. John Kappas’ book, Professional Hypnotism Manual – Introducing E&P Suggestibility and Sexuality:

Dominant and Subdominant Sexuality

“Sexuality” is the way in which a person behaves – not just in reference to the opposite sex, or in relation to what we think of as sexuality (e.g. love, affection, reproduction, marriage) – but in all areas of life. Sexuality is the manner in which you order and organize the data you collect from your experience of the world and of other people.

Physically sexual persons (Physicals, or Feelers) project their sexual responses outwardly. They dwell on sex and desire, and need physical sex often, usually as a token of acceptance or to prove that they are adequate. They cover up or repress negative emotions with this extreme sex drive.

Emotional sexuals (Emotionals, or Thinkers) feel their sexual responses inwardly. They protect the physical body by projecting emotions (such as fear or embarrassment) to defend or repress physical feelings.

Understanding your own, as well as your partner’s sexual behavior can accurately indicate past, present and future behavior in relationships, the sex act, and even business. It can also indicate why you behave the way you do, and why and how you make decisions.

A proper understanding of who you are, and who your partner is, can and will allow you to change direction from a potentially disastrous pattern to a happier and more successful way of life.